Thursday, June 27, 2002

Last night I caught the tail end of a documentary on PBS called The Smith Family. It was incredibly moving, and I spent the last forty-five minutes with tears streaming. Brief Summary: A mormon family deals with a father dying of AIDS due to his extramarital affairs with men and a mother who also has HIV as a result. Though I may not agree with the religious viewpoint or some of the lifestyle choices, the main thing I came away with was this amazing picture of forgiveness displayed by the wife. It was really good.

Anybody want to meet me in Cincinnati on the 13th? We decided today that we are going to go to the NB show at Kings Island... driving up the night before and spending the day at the park.

Just wanted to link to this place, because I have been reading it for quite some time. It is cool. The Vagrant Café: We like you. Like that.


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