Saturday, June 08, 2002

I've been waiting and hoping that one of these times the Friday Five would load for me... but alas. No.

I have found the most inexpensive copy of the Lord of the Rings Collector's Edition is at I have the green boxed copy of The Hobbit shown there as well. I will purchase this in two weeks.

Bought my plane ticket to Orlando today -- leaving two weeks from today. Will purchase my ticket home for the Fourth of July weekend tomorrow. Just call me a globetrotter. I cannot wait. I need these trips.

Memphis is gearing up for the big Lewis/Tyson fight tomorrow. Hundreds of police will be on duty... and they have apparently been preparing for this night. The police director told the officers, "You will not go on vacation, you will not die, you will not get sick and you will not have a baby. Not on June 8, you won't."


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