Tuesday, June 04, 2002

I was touched by this website: AmericanLegacy.org. I guess almost everyone has been affected by the horror of cancer. And for anyone who hasn't, this site puts a face with it.

Beth has her tumor removed tomorrow at 10:30. Prayers would be appreciated -- that it goes well, that it does not come back this time, that her treatments following the surgery do not make her sick, etc. Duncan just called and asked how she is doing. He seemed surprised to hear that she is working today and has intentions of being back by Thursday. Hopefully he and his wife will call her and tell her to take it easy. (I think the more people who tell her she is overdoing it, the better.) Problem is they have their big Canada tour starting this week, so she feels too needed to be lying around at home.

So we're all a little disappointed about Sacramento... Go Nets!

:: how jedi are you? ::

I am trying to rationalize spending $29.99 on a .jpg. We found my mother's family crest, and last year I drew it as an 18x24 for which she is looking for a frame in order to hang it in her sitting room. Now I found out that this site has my dad's, and I really want to see it... I've been told that it has has three stripes blue-white-blue with a red cross in the middle, but then again, I've heard that it has a ship on it somehow. Oh the pressure.

Song for the Day:
Land of Confusion - Genesis

Song for the Day (Part 2):
Just Wait - Blues Traveler


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