Friday, June 28, 2002

I bought a very tart, half-full glass of lemonade from two kids for 50ยข this afternoon. I read somewhere that one should always buy from kids selling things in their driveways, and I could not agree more. My sister and I were once young entrepreneurs selling everything from syrupy kool-aid to mostly-dead flowers from the bushes by the house. Thanks to everybody who ever spent a quarter on our treasures.

I am seriously regretting not getting the number off the For Sale sign on the beautiful vintage checker cab that I saw in Florida. Maybe Manda would get it for me. My car is needing to be replaced, after all... and Ted already calls me Phoebe -- so why not go with it?

I can't wait to take my nephew on a date to see Lilo & Stitch. Wheeee!

Big.... b-b-big rain... big bad rain. No concert for me tonight.


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