Tuesday, June 04, 2002

[i'm arwen!]
I am Arwen Undomiel, daughter of Elrond and Celebrian of Rivendell. I gave up my immortality for love, but it was for the hottest Ranger-King of Middle Earth. In the movie, I'm played by Liv Tyler.
|| Which Lord of the Rings Elf are you? ||

So it truly is a worldwide web... I was looking for a tongue-in-cheek website about the temperature of hell (don't ask), when I found this site for Your #1 Hell-Weather Service. Slightly entertaining, so I look around to see who made it. Dan Huff. Dan is/was apparently a member of the band Circadian Rhythm... who played at Flevo last year two nights before ES which was one of the trips that I desperately wanted to go on with them.

Anyway... staff meeting beckons...


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