Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Ahhh... back home again.

No alligator sightings... though we did go to Lake Monroe to try to find the one that Manda saw there before. (I don't know exactly why I wanted to find one out in the wild so badly after reading this article about a girl who was bitten by one last weekend.) If we had had more time, Alex was going to take me to a restaurant that serves gator. She said it tastes like chicken anyway.

Open Mouth Insert Foot Moment for the weekend:
After the show on Saturday night, we went with the cast to a restaurant. This guy David was at the end of our table, and he said, "I think I was just a victim of racism." Apparently when the waitress was checking people's ID's, she took a long time with his. (David is quite tan at the moment, but it's Florida in the summer... what do you expect?) She kept looking from him to the license. I don't know if he said something like, "It's me." or what, but she said "You look white on there." To which he responded, "I am white." She apparently got really flustered and was like "well, you're just not... as tan... on there... more white." It was just weird.

Manda wants to enter the World's Most Beautiful Feet Contest, so we spent some time yesterday afternoon shooting photos for that. It's a bit difficult to come up with a variety of foot poses, but we managed to shoot a roll of 24.

Small World Moment:
I don't know if Jay still reads this, but he might be interest to know that I was sitting across from and ended up talking to Vicki Yohe's husband on the plane last night.

Overall, it was a great weekend... even though it rained almost constantly.

I'm getting ready to write my commentary on how much I hate email forwards... but I am afraid it will not be ready until later today... possibly tomorrow. Some are legitimately sweet or cute or funny or what-have-you... but the ones I particularly hate are the ones that suggest you might benefit from passing them on somehow. I am also somewhere between pity and indifference when I get those that tell you to delete a file on your computer, one that generally is a normal Windows system file that everybody has on their computer. Sometimes I'm nice enough to write back with a way for the forwarderer to fix what they have destroyed.

In the meantime, you can read someone else's last-straw email to his forwarding offenders.

Last Friday's Five
1. Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo? Townhouse
2. Do you rent or own? Rent
3. Does anyone else live with you? Tina, Beth & Laynie
4. How many times have you moved in your life? 12, I think.
5. What are your plans for this weekend? I went to Orlando! :)


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