Sunday, May 05, 2002

Well, I join the lofty ranks of those in search of a new vehicle. Is it a bad thing when your auto mechanic (who should be scamming you out of money, just out of principal) suggests that you look into used cars instead of repairing everything they are finding wrong with your present vehicle? Yeah, I thought so too.

I don't even know what kind of car I want. I have had a Beretta of one colour or another since I was 18. I can't afford my dream car just yet... nor can I find one, for that matter. I think I would look good in a Volvo. :) I need a "which make/model car are you?" test.

*three minutes later*

Well, of course, there is one:

Which car are you?

I looked around for used cars a bit yesterday and found this one: 1989 BMW 325i 325i Convertible. It's beautiful. And less than $8000. What in the world is wrong with it?! That car should be mine, but I don't need another vehicle with issues.

RIP: Amana... white beretta... 181,000+ miles... you were good to me, even though I hated you.

(Going to the Kentucky show this afternoon. Michael needed to leave his car someplace, so I said he could leave it here if I could drive it this weekend. Lisa is riding up with me. It's a festival. Showtime 3:00. I think that we're all going to try to bust back here to try and see No Doubt at River Stages.)

Tennessee Renaissance Festival begins this weekend. I'll probably hold out until Memorial Day weekend for Celtic Music Weekend.

Song of the Day:
Hella Good - No Doubt


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