Sunday, May 26, 2002

This is kind of sad. As if marriage/divorce were not taken casually enough before... now you can complete all the paperwork you need to get your divorce online at this website. I hesitated to actually link the site lest it be confused for my supporting it... hmm. And this is the world we live in now.

On a happier note, I had the best time last night hanging out with June since Karl had to leave for LA. (She is singing Monday at the race. Cool.) We sat outside and chatted with their neighbors and then, after putting the kiddos to bed, we had a fun time with caesar salad and We also watched Someone Like You. (Hugh Jackman... mmm. I am eagerly anticipating X2!)

I love knowing people I can call at 2 am without thinking twice about it.

I went to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival this afternoon. I dressed up with an outfit I've been just waiting to wear to one of these. I went alone for lack of having anyone in town who wanted to go, but I had a great time nonetheless. I ruined my black boots in the process however. :( The grounds were absolutely beautiful though. Just perfect. I have to say that I believe it was better than Minnesota's Ren Fest, although I didn't like the goblets as much.

Thanks to the Dialectizer, here is the above paragraph in Cockney:
I went ter the Tennessee Renaissance Festival this afternoon. I dressed up wiv an outfit I've been just waitin' ter wear ter one of these. I went alone for lack of 'avin' any fairy in tahn 'oo wanted ter go, but I 'ad a great time noneffeless. I ruined me black boots in the Rudolf 'Ess 'owever. :( The grounds were absolutely beautiful fough. Just perfect. I 'ave ter say that I believe it were better than Minnesota's Ren Fest, alffough I didn't like the chuffin' goblets as much.

I bought a twister at the RenFest... knowing full well the opportunities to actually wear it will be few and far between. Oh well... maybe if I get to Cornerstone this year or something like that.

What domain extension are you, anyway?
What domain extension are you? (The anglophile in me cheered at that result.)

I missed a call from a certain foreigner. :( Twice. :( Sad.

Tonight I listen to Paris Combo. I can listen all night... as loud as I want... why? you ask. BECAUSE I'M HOME ALONE -- Yay!

I'm waiting for my green-india-dyed-with-suns fabric to dry at the moment. Persuant to Lisa's suggestion, I am making a wrap skirt with that piece.

I'm also using this weekend of solitude to redo my room (and hopefully unpack some of those boxes that are still in the garage -- how long have I lived here?). I want to put up a sort of wire "clothesline" from my closet doorframe to my door doorframe, and then use mini clothespins to hang photos across that wallspace. (A trick stolen directly from Gen on Trading Spaces.) I'm going to paint the clothespins matte silver or maybe lavendar though.

In Swedish-Chef:
I'm elsu useeng thees veekend ooff suleetoode-a tu redu my ruum (und hupeffoolly unpeck sume-a ooff thuse-a buxes thet ere-a steell in zee gerege-a -- hoo lung hefe-a I leefed here-a?). I vunt tu poot up a surt ooff vure-a "cluzeesleene-a" frum my cluset duurffreme-a tu my duur duurffreme-a, und zeen use-a meeni cluzeespeens tu hung phutus ecruss thet vellspece-a.

Okay enough of that.

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