Friday, May 10, 2002

Piano tabs. Interesting concept. We are bringing the keyboard and amp to my house this weekend. Yay!

I'm ready to mess around. First order of business will be figuring out that Vanessa Carlton song that is stuck in my head. (Though I found the main riff... see below.)

~ 8notes - small selection of riffs and pieces -- free.
~ - decent selection of piano tabs, links to the sheet music, etc.
~ Chord House - great for finding the missing notes in obscure chords & scales, etc.
~ Tabology - Guitar tabs for the most part... but chords are useful. (Includes entire album Grace by Jeff Buckley.)
~ Radiohead for the Pianoforte - a few Radiohead songs written out note for note.
~ Musically Speaking - scores for a few artists' songs
~ NoteWorthy Composer - nice program for taking down music... especially since I am not sure what happened to all my manuscript paper. Need a registered version though, because the restrictions are going to get annoying.
~ Finale Notepad 2002 - "basic fun music notation software"


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