Saturday, June 01, 2002

One has to wonder how much stalking this site promotes. The idea is that New Yorkers are supposed to map their blogs according to where they're located in the city based on the nearest subway stop. I think that blogs set people up for freaky internet stalking anyway -- your average page includes all the information about age, looks, photos... and then after reading for a while one can pick up where those people go and who they are with -- and now we can help stalkers narrow the vicinity of where we sleep at night down to a couple block radius. Good plan.

I saw this picture on the pants are cute, but I am in love with the suitcases. In fact, I have one exactly like the large one on the right. I have two makeup cases like that which I inherited from my Grandmother, except one is a little bluer and the other is brown. (I also have the two full-size brown suitcases, and another beige one that isn't in the best shape.) I would love to have a hat box like the one in the picture though! I love those vintage Samsonite hard suitcases!!

So last night I started rating my music. When I grew weary of writing reviews for them, I just started going through my cds and either adding them to the database or clicking that I own them... then I will go back and review later. I had attempted doing this before, but I gave up... I may still go back to that format when I do more reviews though. I really love this guy's method, but again -- far too time consuming for me at the moment. I've gone through two crates... I have three more to go... plus whatever is in my car... and then I have literally boxes in the garage of cds from clients that I have never even opened -- including the entire Michael Card collection and all the new releases from Tooth & Nail in 2001.

Apparently there is no Friday Five today, so instead I will create my own version:
If you could pick only five channels to be on your television, what would they be? (And you may add for what particular reason.)
FOX - for 24
2. ABC - for The Practice and Whose Line Is It Anyway?
3. TLC - for Trading Spaces, et. al.
4. TDC - for Shark Week, et. al.
5. This is tough, but I think I am going to go with MTV... I want my... I want my... I want my MTV

Email quote of yesterday:
"Be peeved. I'm peeved on your behalf."

Karl is on his way to Guatemala. He's bringing back souveniers. :)


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