Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Oh the excitement. How much can one handle?

On Sunday an airplane had to make an emergency landing back at the Nashville airport after losing an engine at take-off. They apparently had to circle the city for four hours to burn most of its fuel. Crazy.

Then yesterday, two banks were robbed, two Brentwood police officers were shot and the robbery suspect was killed... all not too far from here. Crazy.

Later yesterday, the guys got into a bit of an accident. Lost control and the trailer ended up snapping off and flipping three times before landing right-side up in the median. I was on stand-by to go get them, but they were able to tow the trailer back here. We then spent the rest of the night unloading the trailer (kind of like a giant game of jenga), checking for gear casualties, and loading it all into the bandwagon. Only a keyboard stand looked irreparable -- the rest looked a bit banged up, of course, but the cases did their duty. Today we set everything up and find out the real damage. We were out there until after midnight -- today I have a giant mystery bruise on the back of my knee. Crazy.

I went to the show in Kentucky on Saturday. It was a beautiful afternoon. .rod laver did a great cover of "Epic" by Faith No More featuring Hans. It was awesome... haha.

We all contributed our $6.50 to the Spider-Man world record opening weekend. (That link has some pretty incredible statistics, by the way.) Of course, finding twelve seats together was impossible, so I ended up in the second row with Lisa, Mick, Rudy, & Ryan.

I stayed the night with Mick & Lisa and drove back Sunday morning. That afternoon was the best. I took my cot outside on the porch, read my book, and fell asleep in the sun with only a little sunburn to show for it.

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I got accused of never having watched an episode of Spongebob on Saturday. Psha! I think the accuser belongs to the Church of Spongebob.

Now here's an interesting place... Virtual Home of the Living Impared.