Thursday, May 30, 2002

Not a lot of time today -- I tried to update late yesterday afternoon, but it kept making my computer go into self-destruct. And on top of that, my personal email is broken and has been for the last day and a half. :(

Kev's going to New Orleans tomorrow, so I have to get a bunch of stuff ready for Paul. Then I get to knock off early to go to the Sparrow/ASCAP party for Newsboys honoring their record-setting single.

Look at Christopher's hard work on The Frequency website. Just don't complain about the size of the popup window.

Tennessee is supposedly voting on state income tax this morning. A lady came into Starbucks this morning just rip-roaring mad about the potential of having a 4.5% income tax. I swear she must have been on her way out to picket or something. This was my first year without having one. I found out yesterday that I am getting a 25% raise -- I have nothing to complain about.

Song for the Day:
Days Go By - Dirty Vegas
I hate that girl contorting in the Camry commercial... but the song is funky and the video is great.


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