Wednesday, May 29, 2002

I've been biting my tongue on this issue for quite some time now, but today I'm in the mood to rant about it. I just marvel at the number of sites that I come across that link to Wil Wheaton's site. A phenomenon I like to refer to as The Cult of Wil. I don't get it. Blogdex lists 548 links to that site; Google lists 4,330. He gets hundreds of comments per entry... it blows me away.

I guess my main gripe is that, though he does have some profound entries at times, it is no more exciting than something by your average thinking blogger... and it really all goes back to that weird thing that happens to people when they have an encounter with a "celebrity". (Ooo... look at me, I'm linking to Wil Wheaton. He used to be on Star Trek, you know. -- Yeah, but does he read your page? Right, didn't think so.)

This could easily segue into a rant about why people feel the need to link a-listers like kottke and the rest, but I'll store up more ammunition before going off on that one.

Anyway... I love three day weekends. And I'm not even depressed about having to be back at work today -- because Friday is only three days away!

I watched the Trading Spaces marathon yesterday while I was finishing my skirt before going to the race. (What do you think the odds were that there would be a woman there in a shirt made from the exact same fabric?) There were some good ones in there. I love what Vern does.

Ugh... I'm uninspired. Time for lunch, perhaps?

Which Empire Records Character Are You?

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crap, that sucks.

Take the "What Kind of Southerner Are You?" Test!

(I rigged that one.)


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