Wednesday, May 22, 2002

I saw a real live poppy last night. Apparently Lisa had jumped out of the van and picked some on the side of the interstate. They are everywhere down here, but I had never seen one close up. It's amazing how they really look like those paper ones that you get on Veteran's Day.

While walking back from Starbucks yesterday afternoon, Ted, Karl & I had a great idea for a new television show. A combination of The Practice, Ally McBeal, and Making the Band... it would be a show about entertainment law. We are going to get Steve Taylor to film the pilot, and of course, we are going to get Jon Bon Jovi to gueststar. :)

David Blaine's Vertigo is on tomorrow night, which means he's probably getting ready to climb that tower right about now. He's a little different... but very cool.

On that note, Rumsey has become quite the magician. He did a really good one for me last night that still has me perplexed.

Song of the Day:
Magic - Olivia Newton John


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