Wednesday, May 29, 2002

"A flask I drink of sober tea" ~Massive Attack: Group Four

I love my Starbucks people. I'm not sure of the name of the guy I had today -- I think it's Ken though -- but anyway, he gave me an extra shot for my grande carmel frappuccino... and then he even gave me the extra in another cup... which made it essentially a venti. It was great. I needed that.

Did I mention that I currently have a six-foot cardboard cutout of Darth Maul in my basement? Got him from Ted. Scared the pants off of Tina Thursday night when I had him in the bathroom downstairs (and with the broken hall light down there, it sort of just looked like a giant floating red face in the bathroom). It was great. Anyway, today I got the light saber which had broken off earlier.

Shane & Christie are having a baby. Yay! I think I am going to get them the Baby's First Tattoo memory book. Filled places to record such important milestones such as:
• Baby's First Tantrum in a Crowded Grocery Store
• Baby's First Dirt-Eating
• Baby's First Test of Wills
• First Panic Call to Poison Control
• Baby's First Projectile Vomit
• Baby's 10,000th Dirty Diaper
• First Irreplaceable Heirloom You Broke
• Mom's First Sign of Sleep Deprivation
• Mom's First Talk with Dad About Getting a Nanny

(And on that note, my baby brother just got a tattoo.)

Song for the Day:
Daughter - Pearl Jam
Heard that on my way back to the office. Sometimes all you need it to hear that guitar outro to really brighten the day.


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