Monday, April 15, 2002

I Am A Swedish Fish
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The people who know the people I work with will see the complete humor in the above test result. Mmm... swedish.

Do you know Jack Schitt? Hehe.

I bought Remy Zero's The Golden Hum on Friday night, and I'm digging it.

Which action filmstar are you?

Upcoming Shows:
4/28/2 - ArtOfficial Tour
5/3-5/2 - River Stages: Incubus, Counting Crows, Garbage, No Doubt,
5/30/2 - Usher w/ Nas & Faith Evans
7/9/2 - Dave Matthews Band
7/13/2 - Sonshine (hopefully)
And then the as yet unscheduled Nelly show.

Oh no. I just read that my old college is trying to do away with the end-of-the-year nekkid soccer game held annually on the library lawn. I admit to having been a spectator in '99 when I went back for what would have been my graduation. It is really less of a big deal than what administrators would lead you to believe... but yeah, if gross old locals are setting up camp with their folding chairs and coolers, that's just not right.


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