Tuesday, April 23, 2002

It's official. I love GMA week. Yesterday was just the pre-beginning of everything, but I am already have a ball.

Erin is staying with us until Thursday! Yay!

Last night saw Feezel at SATCO. I miss them so much! It was great to see them and catch up on everything. Their showcase is tonight, so I am definitely going to catch that. (And we saw the gals from Out of Eden dancing inside -- wow, that youngest one is starting to look like something the cat dragged in.)

We are running a hotel at the moment. Erin is here all week. Then last night and I think tonight Beth's friends Mark (formerly of Sundry), Danny (formerly of STP), & Neil are staying downstairs. Craziness. We had a Moxie Davis listening party when we got back. Then on top of all that my guys got back into town and had to come to my house, because Michael had to bring me money and pick up his car. But they all left again.

Chris just wished me a Happy Admin Professionals Week.
And on that note, Happy Earth Day.
Love your Mother.
And on another note, Friday is Hug an Australian Day.

Oh! And I had someone confirm the rumor from a few weeks ago... so I can now say -- U2 is supposedly recording at The Dark Horse!!! My friend told me yesterday that a friend of his makes deliveries out to the studio, and the other day he couldn't get in because there was security outside saying that it was a closed session... and apparently they have been spotted here and there. Now I just have to figure out if my source saying that they are renting a house downtown in Franklin is correct.

Song of the Day:
Head over Heals - Tears for Fears
~~ This is my four leaf clover... ~~


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