Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I picked up the most amazing vase at the festival on Saturday. I should have gotten a card from the artisan. It is just perfect.

Hanna and I drove to Chattanooga last night. It was a little surreal to see the devastation in the Murfreesboro area from the tornado that hit yesterday morning. There was mangled metal in the trees and branches down all over. Sad.

There were beautiful mamatas clouds in the sky when we got to the venue (just like the ones below). We sat in the car and watched them through the moonroof for a little while.

The show was good... despite some blatant disregard for the sound specs outlined in the rider. Matt did a great job with what he had available.

Oh yeah. I got mad on Saturday. This is monumental, because I only get mad maybe three times a year... so congratulations goes to Michael for being the first one to set me off in 2002. Our conversation last night went a little like this:

M: Hey thanks for bringing that cd over to [so&so]'s apartment.
D: Yeah. But I was so mad at you on Saturday.
M: I knew you were, because you hung up the phone and I turned to the guys and said "She is pissed!"
D: I was!
M: So Paul said, "Well, call her back and do whatever it takes to make her unpissed."

Haha. I really do love those guys.

Tash, I hope that you are feeling better. Thanks for calling me. I told the guys about your ordeal, and they were very sympathetic. I hope your car recovers as well!!


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