Friday, April 12, 2002

Chris turned my poem into a song. The rest of it perfectly captures November 12th, 2000.

smile like you're leaning
on a split-rail fence
breathing roadside dust
and lemonade
red hair showing
bluejeans wearing
sunset glowing
midwest poetry
in your pose.

Smile like we're walking
In a small-town park
Bundled up against the cold
Arm in arm
Wind was blowing
We were talking
It should have been snowing
Midwest poetry
Walking close

Smile like you're sitting
On an old piano bench
I'm sitting there with you
In a big empty house
I was playing
You were listening
I was singing
Midwest poetry
About the coast

Yay. :) He said that he will record it and send it to me someday. Musician friends are so cool.


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