Monday, June 15, 2009

Things I Have Done in America
♥ Seen my family.
♥ Eaten at Baja Fresh, McDonald's (the new Southern chicken sandwich is their answer to Chik-fil-A, yum!) and Pizza Ranch.
♥ Seen Up... twice. (It comes out in AU in September.)
♥ Shopped at Super Target, and super it was. Overwhelmed by all the selections. We may have jumpstarted the economy with all our purchases.
♥ Bought Advil by the hundreds. (They only come in packets up to 20 in AU, not in bottles of 150.)
♥ Plugged in appliances without having to check if the outlet was on.
♥ Drank Dr. Pepper and root beer!
♥ Walked home from the movies at 9:30pm while the sun was still setting.

The Trip
We left our house at 8:30 on Friday morning. We flew via Auckland to LA with a fair amount of turbulence. It was nice to know that when you're sleeping, you just sort of rock with it. It's much less alarming than when you're awake and gripping the armrests with white knuckles.

We were delayed in LA due to thunderstorms in Denver. And then we were delayed again there, because our plane had a mechanical problem they wanted to double-check. Yes, please go ahead and take your time quadruple-checking that, thanks. By the time we got to the hotel in Omaha, I believe we had been gone for 36 hours. Blergh!

I've had jetlag worse than ever before. I'm not sleeping at night and feel like poo all day. Tonight I'm taking a sleeping pill if I'm not down in an hour.

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hey D, so do you feel like you are at 'home'?
Hope you are having a fantastic time.

8:57 PM  

Yes and no. In some ways it was like "ahh, I'm HOME", but yet a lot has changed too, so it felt a little foreign as well. I've reached to shut off powerpoints on more than one occasion.

7:02 AM  

Glad you made it, but that sucks about the turbulence. I always freak out. Hope you have a great visit!


11:54 PM  

Oh how I miss Advil in the hundreds. I miss anything in bulk from Costo or Sam's. SuperTarget and SuperWalmart, oh how I miss those places. The restaurants too... Sigh. Have fun, enjoy, take lots of pictures!

9:28 AM  

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