Saturday, June 27, 2009

So Much To Do, So Little Time
We're in Florida hanging with friends who are more like family... if our family was a bit dysfunctional. (I know she'll object to that statement, but all I'm going to do is mention "frogs"... and I rest my case.)

A year and a half of multiple longings have been quenched since we got here. We've had Chick'n Minis for breakfast two days in a row. We've had numerous Starbucks coffees. (Not the greatest coffee in the world, no. But it's like a comfort beverage to me.)

Another highlight was going to Anthropologie, a favourite of mine since forever. I got a frame, a little bird thingie, and an apron.

Tomorrow we might even get to see NASA's rocket launch depending what's happening. Cool, eh?



Yay, I'm glad you're having a great time.

8:37 AM  

mmmmmm...Chick'n minis...

1:38 PM  

I miss you already! But, be warned, if those frogs come back, you may get a dead one in the mail...

11:29 AM  

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