Thursday, March 12, 2009

Perplexing Packages
My mind is exploding from two packages sent in the mail -- one received and one not.

First, I woke up this morning to find a package from my uncle. Inside was a DVD. Cannot get the DVD to play anywhere. Suspect a bad burn, but am dying to know what was worth sticking in the mail. My mom said that my grandma also got one which didn't play, however neither they nor my siblings got one. Hmm...

And then the other package was an order I placed in January for the non-toxic flea spray that we have tried in the past. It still hadn't arrived as of this week, and I thought I had given it enough time to make it through customs and all that. So I emailed the company to see if they could look up the tracking information for me.

This morning I had an email saying that they had credited my card back and asked to let them know if we eventually receive it, and they will charge my card again.

Umm... but... I kind of just want the flea spray.

So now I'm weirded out. I feel like our relationship is over, like we've broken up through email. Do I place another order? Do I have to source another company who sells it? Do I write back and clarify? Did I ever imply that I didn't want my order? Is it because they're British?

Links for Later Perusal
Painted Fish Studio: She's from the heartland. She finds pretty things. And she's crafty. Note: Paper Bead Bracelet, Trip Collages, & Fern Prints, for starters.

3-Day Weekend: Found this one when searching for ways to hang cork trivets on the wall without necessarily damaging the wall. They use self-sticking foam mounting tape. (Do I know what that is? And can it be removed later?)

At Home with Kim Vallee: I don't know who this is, but lots of pretty household goods there.

Ugh, more later. I have to go officially boycott the decision to have Subway for lunch.

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Regarding the foam mounting tape: I'm pretty sure I know what this is, and I'm pretty sure it's the same stuff I spent days trying to remove after the previous owners used it to attach a cardboard-mounted map to a bedroom wall. Not a good idea. I tried everything: heating it, dissolving it, scraping it. Eventually I just chipped it away the best I could, patched, primed, and repainted. And if you look closely, you can still see where that crap used to be. I'd steer clear. Just thought I'd share :)

4:18 AM  

Oh dear. Yeah, thanks for the tip. I had vague memories of a strip of something foamy on a wall at my Grandma's house and feared it might do that.

It's been sort of implied that we aren't to put nail holes in the wall here, so I may resort to using those 3M strips. (Of course I haven't even sourced my cork yet, so this project will probably make its way to the bottom of my to-do list, and then I won't have to worry about it!)

12:09 PM  

the 3M command strips are great though - whether in the hook versions or whatever - i recommend going to the largest hardware store you can though - for the biggest range!


9:58 AM  

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