Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's New
And here we have 2009. We welcomed it in a very low-key manor at the sibling-in-laws. After several energetic rounds of Wii tennis, we settled in to play Little Big Planet until someone mentioned that we should check the time. We watched the last 15 minutes of the various (lame) shows until fireworks time.

I have lived in four states, and I don't remember fireworks being part of the NYE tradition in the US. Not even city organized ones, much less half the neighbourhood setting off their own stash of contraband. Maybe it's because of the snow.

So we watched the fireworks on tv, and then went outside to try see what the neighbors were doing. We heard more than we saw. And then we promptly went to bed. The end.

I Resolve...
I don't really do resolutions, because, let's be honest here, how many are ever actually kept by anyone?

I think I'm setting more goals for myself that might not be some year-long process, but more on a weekly basis for some things and even a daily basis for others. I feel like I've slipped down a slope of apathy and laziness in certain areas of my life, and I think it's time to brush off and start over again... with baby steps.

It's kind of why I'm writing now, after spending this sickeningly hot day on the bed, the closest spot to the air conditioner. It would be easy to put off posting until tomorrow, but I could probably find an excuse not to do it then too.

It comes down to discipline, I suppose. So crack that whip, and whip it good.

If anyone missed my tweets, since I didn't really update here, we went on a bit of a retreat last weekend. We spent three nights up at this really great spot a couple hours from here. No internet. No television. Just us in a little chalet with the rain and an air conditioner. Oh, and they had a cute little pond with a rowboat.

row boat on the lake


so basically i'm going to have to learn this twitter thing to keep up with you now?

wanna chat tomorrow? xx

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