Thursday, July 10, 2008

Retail Therapy
There's nothing quite like starting off the day with buying two pairs of shoes. All before my second cup of coffee. The shoe store across the street from work always has sale shoes outside on a rack. We often go to the deli next door to get some banana bread for breakfast, but today the shoes drew me in.

The picture of them here doesn't truly convey their cuteness. But I fell in love with the black ones, and Hans said they were so cute and convinced me to get the green ones too. CUTE! (And they're called Cute Girl... how cute is that?) And one more "cute" for good measure.

I almost bought these too, but I thought they made my feet look large. But they are so grandma-licious, I might still go back.

I'm thrilled to find some shoes that actually fit and aren't extremely-wide-width, like most shoes here tend to be. I'm starting to figure out the international shoe sizes... "A 37?! But I'm a 6.5 in America!" I used to be such a shoe whore, and now it looks like I can become one again. :D



Jul 10 2008, 03:58 am
oh man!!! I need those shoes!!!!!!

8:30 PM  

Jul 10 2008, 05:19 am
They're on sale... we can be shoe twins!

8:31 PM  

Jul 10 2008, 05:34 pm
how much?? and where are they?

8:31 PM  

Jul 10 2008, 08:27 pm
Well, they were on sale, but I wouldn't consider them cheap by my standards... but they were $70 at Adavera -- it's right across the street from work next to the new deli. Come for a lunch date, and we can go shoe shopping! :D

8:31 PM  

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