Monday, July 07, 2008

Audio Addiction
I have been ridiculously obsessed with "Good to Sea" by Pinback... to the extent that I've listened to it all day pretty much on repeat. I get this with certain songs that have a particular element that fascinates me and finds a place in my heart. (The prime example being the dun-duh-yeah found at 1:52 in this particular "Head Over Heels" video by Tears for Fears. Watch the video anyway, it's so awesomely 80's.)

So anyway, what I love about "Good to Sea" is that you listen to the first minute and a half thinking that the oh-oh is the figurative answer to the musical question, only to find it as the anacrusis at 2:24. Love it. Listen and love it too:

A Conversation
After getting Tennis 101 the other night while watching the Williams sisters...

Me: How is it that you know all this anyway?
Him: Because I love tennis.
Me: Yeah, why is that again?
Him: Because there's so much strategy involved. It's like chess.
Me: Ah yes, the OTHER great spectator sport.


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