Sunday, June 15, 2008

We Are All Made of Stars
Allow me to brag for just one moment. My hunky man has a little article right here. (Also, he got a really good haircut last week, and it's like he's my hot new boyfriend or something. *rawr* Is that weird?)

And also in the Proud Wives Club this week is Brandy, and rightfully so. Waltz for Venus had one of their songs featured on MTV's Real World. Check it here. (And with the number of RW marathons they have, that will be a sweet little royalty check, I would presume.)

We're Cute!
A couple weeks ago, we met a friend of a friend. It just so happens that we ride the same bus as her. The first thing she said was, "Oh, you're that cute couple who rides my bus."

Yesterday at the markets, the Yugoslavian woman who sells eggs could not stop gushing about how happy we look and how nice we look together. We practically had to give her our life stories with all her questions about how long we've known each other and how long we've been married. It was really sweet.

I've always hoped that we would be a cute OLD couple. You know, the little oldies who still hold hands and are just so cute you want to squeeze 'em? So I'm happy.


Jun 14 2008, 09:35 pm
we were @ a wedding tonight, and they did a dance where all of the married couples danced...the dj would say, "okay, if you've been married less than such and such years, time to leave the dance floor!"...the only couple remaining had been married for 64 years...he had a walker and they could hardly dance together, but they were so happy and it was so sweet. your post made me think of it, and how heartwarming it is to see two people who have weathered so many years together, and are still so very much in love. what a beautiful thing to witness. :)
and yes, you guys are definitely cute! i wish i could see you in person together, because i'm sure you're absolutely adorable. :)

9:47 PM  

Jun 26 2008, 03:05 pm
I can totally relate to something as simple as a great haircut evoking your senses. But, what gets me most of all is when I watch Jay from afar and see him in a different light.
So, did your face hurt from smiling when you were telling "your"story to the lady at the market? The fact alone that you moved halfway around the world for love, is amazing.

9:47 PM  

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