Friday, January 25, 2008

Non-Universal Marketing
Setting the stage: We stopped at a shop on the way in to work to get some juice. There was a display of Limited Edition Big Red gum by the cash register. (Australians don't really do "cinnamon" so much.)

Me: So kiss a little longer
Hold tight a little longer
Stay close a little longer
Longer with Big Red

Sing with me now!

That Big Red freshness lasts right through it
Your fresh breath goes on and on
While you chew it

Come on!

Say goodbye a little longer
Make it last a little longer
Give your breath long lasting freshness with BIG RED!

Don't you know the Big Red song?

Him: I thought the answer was pretty obvious when I didn't join in.

Me: Weird. I thought everyone knew the Big Red song.

Pretty Things
Yesterday, for the first time in a long while, I found a whole bunch of sites on the internet that interested me. I've been quite un-entertained by the w-cubed lately, thus the lack of posting perhaps.

It all started with the discovery of Below the Clouds... a site on which I cannot read a word, but the pictures and hyperlinks have lead me to such amazing finds, such as:
handpresso: if you ever find me camping (which is highly unlikely), I would most likely be found with one of these beautiful coffee-making devices.

Retro Joy: hello! A candle holder that looks like the base of a joystick. Does it get any cooler?

Moss Online: store with many pretty things I'll never order.

A Low Impact Woodland Home: so hobbity, so earth-friendly, so how I wish I could be knowing realistically it will never happen.

Cassette Tape Dispenser: it's a sticky-tape dispenser shaped like a cassette tape. Love it!

I also found Bella Dia today through one of the sites I linked yesterday. Just love those yarn ball flowers.

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