Monday, December 24, 2007

On the Third Day of Christmas [Holidays]...
Well today things are better... mostly. Yesterday I woke up with a 24-hour flu bug or something, but it wasn't pretty. I was finally able to sit upright and had some mashed potatoes around 5:00.

So today the house isn't immaculate and the motivation to cook a feast is barely there, but I don't even care anymore. Hans was starting to feel a little blergy this morning, so I think the goal is just to stay well and not worry about the rest.

Decorative Ideas
For next year from Sunset Magazine:
Decorate with Winter Greens
Fragrant Fir Snowflakes
Birds in Winter Branches
Pretty fruit
Festive Berries
Tabletop Trees


Dec 25 2007, 03:25 am

Merry Christmas Danielle. We missed our families and friends back in the USA today, so rest easy knowing that others feel what you feel (in reference to your previous post, if that's what it's all about). But on the other hand, we enjoyed spending the entire day with just the three of us...for me, the two that are most indispensable! BTW...hottest three day Christmas period in Perth for last 90 years...and trust me, it's pretty hot! Tough going for us New Englanders.

12:10 PM  

Dec 25 2007, 01:53 pm

merry christmas and happy birthday! i got picross for my ds. Can we play against each other?

12:10 PM  

Dec 26 2007, 05:39 am

Oooo.... I think so... I'll find out! :D

12:11 PM  

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