Thursday, October 04, 2007

Gran Mal Headache
Yesterday wasn't a very fun time. It was my day off. I had things to clean. Oprah to watch. Games to play. And instead, I spent all but about five hours in the evening rolling around in agony on the bed or shivering on the bathroom floor.

So add two more things I miss to the list:
1. Excedrin Migraine: something about its caffeine-liciousness used to do the trick for me. (But funny that the first thing that stayed down yesterday was a cup of coffee at 4 pm. Maybe I just need to drink more coffee.) :)

2. The couch in the cool darkness that is my parents' basement. It's a comfort thing.

Linky Links
Sunset Magazine: I happened upon this one the other day, and I'd like to dive in further. Articles of note:

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Oct 04 2007, 01:36 am

Blue pumpkins were bred here and I believe they're considered better for savoury dishes (which I guess is the only thing Aussies do with them - soups, risottos, roasts).
If you're good with gardening, you can get seeds and grow your own big orange pumpkins - I know some people down south who do it for Halloween. Or, the past few years I've seen Woolies stock 'em close to the end of October.

2:18 PM  

Oct 08 2007, 12:06 pm


I have decided to stop being lame and start looking at your blog.

Speaking of I was doing homework last night around 2am I started thinking about caffeine and how it is just as crucial to my college education as my books or student loans. Without my multiple green teas, Rockstars, and Red Bulls I would have been asleep and kicked out long ago.

As my ADD riddled mind pondered the GPA-saving properties of caffeine I came across an interesting site:

Death by Caffeine

Now I can only thank God I put down that 127th can of Red Bull before it was too late.

2:19 PM  

Oct 09 2007, 03:34 am

You're not lame. I just went to your site today for the first time in a while too.

2:19 PM  

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