Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Name-It Burger
McDonald's here has released a burger without a McName that is temporarily called the The Name-It Burger. It has "homestyle beef, tatsoi salad mix, tomato, tasty cheese, grilled onions, and steak & onion sauce".

And while it was different and somewhat interesting, we decided we are going to call it the Aftermath Burger. Yeah. I wish I had just gotten the new warm cookie sundae instead.

Wheels of DEATH, I Tell You
I don't feel like I need to justify my adamant refusal to get on ferris wheels. Seems like the tamest ride at the carnival, right? But even thinking about being on one makes me woosey. And then I find articles like this one: Family in death plunge from ferris wheel. Turns out I'm the smart one.

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair
We have today off because of the Ekka. I believe "ekka" is Australian for "exhibition", and it's basically the equivalent to the state fair. It's where you go to see the animals, go on rides, have sugary treats, and catch the killer flu that's going around. In fact, health officials told people to stay away this year, and they are handing out antiseptic wipes and face masks at the gates.

We went last year, and that is good enough for me. Besides, we've got a show to go to tonight.


Aug 16 2007, 04:08 pm

mm...i wish they had that warm cookie sundae looks so good! you have to try one and tell me allll about it. :)

i bet it's not as good as chocolate seduction, though. hehe.

3:22 PM  

Aug 17 2007, 02:02 pm

An array of emotions come over me with this post. That is so terrible about the family on the ferris wheel. How horrible. And, a killer flu. Please come home.

3:23 PM  

Aug 27 2007, 11:15 am

I like the Name It Burger. We call it the Homestyle by default, even when ordering it...everyone seems to know what we mean. :)

How funny about handing out wipes and face masks... not that it will do anyone any good, it's goin' around and we just got over it here. :(

3:23 PM  

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