Friday, July 20, 2007

Another American expat in Brisbane. Whee! (via The Briddles)

And speaking of Americans in Brisbane... there are about 5500 of them here right now. My brother-in-law does something or other down at the port, and I'm trying to get him to get me close enough to see the Kitty Hawk this weekend. Otherwise the photo gallery will have to suffice.

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Jul 21 2007, 06:24 pm

Why is it with 5500 Yanks here people sometimes act as if I'm the only American living where I live? Aussies are shocked when you tell them just how many of us there are - I tell them we're good at hiding out. ;-)

6:56 PM  

Jul 27 2007, 09:43 am

LOL, I think she was talking about the ones on the Kitty Hawk... but I know what you mean, according to the latest census there are around 60K US citizens living in Oz. Of course, that number includes anyone with a US passport - probably far less consider themselves "American".

6:57 PM  

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