Friday, June 29, 2007

No Good Reasons
We were getting breakfast this morning, and Thirsty Merc's "20 Good Reasons" came on... because I just can't escape that song these days. (Song more overplayed -- "20 Good Reasons" or the Silverchair comeback single? Talk amongst yourselves.)

Anyway, Hans demonstrated how you can sing "With or Without You" overtop of it... which I argue can be done with half the pop ballads released since then. But to me it's a combination of Train (who I've hated ever since they decided they could start using "chicken" in their lyrics), the "WOWY" aspect of U2, and somehow the opening line of the song made me think of "Letter B"-- though after watching the youtube of it, it doesn't seem to be the way I remembered.

Play Along
On the train, we somehow got talking about the Mrs. Potter movie. This led us to the question of how many movies we could name that had human/cartoon interaction. This is what we've come up with so far, but if you can think of any others, please leave a comment.
  1. Mrs. Potter
  2. Mary Poppins (me)
  3. Pete's Dragon (H)
  4. Bedknobs & Broomsticks (H)
  5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (H)
  6. The Incredible Mr. Limpet (me)
  7. Cool World (H)
  8. Space Jam (me)
  9. Anchors Aweigh (Barry)
  10. Alice in Wonderland (Barry)
  11. Little Shop of Horrors(Barry)
  12. Loony Tunes: Back in Action (Barry)
There was also an Australian film that came out last year that we were going to count, but neither of us could remember the name. I just remember I fell asleep to it on two flights to/from New Zealand.

EZYdvd Update
Further to yesterday's post which ended with mention of a refund, as of this morning, the money isn't actually in our account.

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Jun 28 2007, 09:54 pm

Oh, now, you've challenged me :)

1) There was an old movie where Gene Kelly danced with Jerry from "Tom and Jerry".

2) A lot of the old stuff Walt Disney did before he ever got famous for Mickey Mouse was a young human girl playing Alice in Wondeland, interacting with cartoon characters

3) Audrey in "Little Shop of Horrors" sings to an animated bird

4) Bugs Bunny (and others) in the recent "Loony Tunes: Back in Action"

I'll think of more later :)

9:32 PM  

Jul 01 2007, 07:17 am

OK, I'm a little late on this. But this Sunday afternoon, I was flipping through the channels and came across "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle" (2000).


9:33 PM  

Jul 01 2007, 09:31 pm

Does Pan's Labyrinth count?

9:33 PM  

Jul 09 2007, 08:57 pm

what about "roger rabbit"? hmm...i never saw that one.

9:33 PM  

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