Monday, June 25, 2007

Link to Look at Later
The Sketchpage: I came across this one doing a search for Anatoly Kalashnikov and don't have time to look deeper at the moment.

Coming Soon...
My rant on why NOT to purchase from a post filled with keywords like "screwed", "horrible service", "bad experience", "lies lies lies", and the like for all those Googlers out there. (Unless someone sends me a super-sugary-sweet reply to my somewhat irritated email.)

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Jun 25 2007, 04:50 pm

Interesting! I bought from them once, like, five years ago. It was a big order though (all the James Bond DVDs for the Snook) and it never arrived. When I sent them my strongly worded letter, I got a personal phone call back and they sent out another package, no questions asked. (We think somebody at the delivery company lifted it.) So I had a bad experience too, but at least back then they did something to rectify the situation...

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