Thursday, June 21, 2007

I know I can't seem to do anything but complain about the heat here... but dang it's cold. Record cold for the area, in fact. It translates to around 40 degrees (F) with wind chill.

Sidebar Updates
I've added a few more Americans in Australia over to the right. Audra is a Californian (I think) in Sydney. The Briddles are New Englanders in Perth (my city of choice if I had to move somewhere else in oz). And Outback Dobbs has been linked to before, but they're in Melbourne. It's somewhat therapeutic to read the thoughts of people in similar situations.

Good Golly -- Galahs!
I snapped a photo of the galahs this morning on our walk to the train. I cut out one of them that was facing the camera, and I know it's a bad photo... but I'm still amazed by the wildlife that I'm surrounded by here.

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Jun 21 2007, 07:35 am

When we left the U.S. in February (from Albany, NY), it was below below freezing (20's Fahrenheit). We're approaching the height of winter here in Perth, and daytime temperatures are 17-21 C (60's and 70's). I can get used to this!

Thanks for adding me to the sidebar (the "Briddle's")

9:38 PM  

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