Thursday, April 12, 2007

Public Service Announcement
Did you know it is easy to send mail to Australia? It's true. A mere 75 cents can get your letter to my door. If you don't want to go to the trouble of getting international postage then it's as simple as slapping three stamps on your average size & weight envelope, scribbling "Air Mail" somewhere on the outside, and popping it in the mail with the rest of your correspondence. (Plus you're lucky you live in a country where the postman will take your mail from your box instead of having to find a postbox every time you want to mail something.)

I'm really just trying to prepare you all, because on May 25 I'm going start begging for someone to send me anything with a Jedi Stamp on it! (So rad!)

Heights Schmights
There's a small chance I might get to go in a helicopter over Brisbane for 3-4 hours. I'm trying to decide if I'll be sick the whole time or not.


Apr 17 2007, 12:03 am

if i had your address i would so send you stuff. with kiwi stamps.

10:55 AM  

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