Saturday, April 07, 2007

Market Morning
I wasn't consulted when it was determined that we'd be going to the markets at 6:00 in the morning, but who am I kidding-- I love Market Saturdays.

Especially when it means coming home with Easter flowers to put in a champagne glass and black tea with vanilla and cornflower petals.

Pretty Links
These people apparently have more time to find pretty things than I do these days, so these are for my reference and possibly yours.
And speaking of awesome... Good Friday is a public holiday here. So is the Monday following Easter -- called Easter Monday, those clever Aussies. Yesterday I built most of my filing cabinet, played DSs with Lisa, had pizza for dinner and played Killer Bunnies my in-law-in-laws (my sister-in-law's family). I don't have to work until Wednesday -- hip, hip, hooray!

Something is going on with the comments where it says that they are archived instead of how many there really are. Weird.

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Apr 06 2007, 07:39 pm

Something is weird with the comments.

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