Sunday, February 25, 2007

Habits of Highly Influential People
1. Buy fun toys.
2. Play these toys EVERYWHERE.
3. Tell everyone about your toys.

I'm just saying that Nintendo ought to be paying us commission for sales that occurred after we purchased ours. Bro&Sis-in-law bought them practically the day after we emailed about ours. Nate & Shanna just bought one. Manda's thinking about getting one. I'm just saying -- THEY RULE, okay? Get one.

The Past Couple Weeks in List Form

  • I got a curling iron for Valentine's Day -- it was exactly what I wanted.
  • We went to Freestyle the other night. I'm officially in love with their strawberry sorbet after sneaking some of Todd & Alyda's a couple months ago.
  • I'm almost ready to start doing something with my trip photos.
  • It's hot here. Really, really hot.
  • We've got our curtains up now that we bought at the World Market in Des Moines. They make the living room look like a beach house with the way they blow in the breeze.
  • I'm officially employed now, and it feels nice.
To Eat or Not to Eat
For those on the other side of the world, my state here is currently experiencing a drought. There is talk of imposing Level 5 water restrictions, and I'm not sure what that means, but I'm pretty sure it involves using an outhouse instead of a toilet that flushes or something like that.

All that to say that the community as a whole seems to be a little more water-conscious, and at least around here, we're trying to cut back. Father-in-law has a water tank that catches the rainwater off our house to use for watering the garden. I keep a pitcher by the sink and keep the water I use to rinse wine bottles and non-icky stuff. The plants on my veranda don't mind.

So the other night we went to Hog's Breath, and we had the best steaks I've ever had in this country. So it pains me to say that out of principle, I can never go back there.

You see, I went in to use the restroom, and I noticed the stall next to me was running and running and running. Ever the plumber's daughter, I went in to give it a flush as that sometimes jostles whatever is keeping it from stopping. No dice. Since it wasn't the kind that I could lift the top off, I went to tell the gal at the front desk just so someone would be aware. Level 4 water restrictions and all, you know?

What did she say to me? "Oh yeah, it's been like that for a while. We can't get a plumber in to fix it."

Excuse me? You've been letting this toilet run like a faucet "for a while", and there isn't a single plumber in all of Brisbane who will come fix it for you?

That's ridiculous, and so I must now boycott. That particular location. Because there are plenty of other yummy steaks to be had at their other locations closer to our house. :)


Feb 25 2007, 08:01 am

mandas super husband just bought her a pink ds. playing sodoku up the wazoo!

11:44 AM  

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