Saturday, January 27, 2007

We seriously haven't done anything this past week except play with our DSs. I'm completely addicted to Animal Crossing: Wild World. And Mario Kart online. Dang. I practically majored in Mario Kart when I was in college, but I've lost a little bit of my touch. That's why I've been practicing for 13 hours a day this week. :)

Tomorrow we're having a little post-wedding reception thingie, and we'll find out once and for all whether I still fit in my dress.



Jan 26 2007, 04:14 pm

I LOVE my DS and animal crossing. Brainage?! I beat my husband all the time.

11:48 AM  

Jan 26 2007, 10:40 pm

I'll have to give you my friend code if you play AC:WW online... though my country isn't much to look at right now, since I just started over.

Oh my gosh, I haven't trained my brain yet today. We have Brainage and Big Brain Academy, I think. Both great.

My main concern is having enough battery power to survive the trip back overseas. We're going to have to ration our time! :)

11:48 AM  

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