Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend Recap
Friday night we hit the Jacaranda Festival. We had dinner at the house before we went down, so I wasn't hungry enough for a dagwood dog (translation: corndog). But we did get to go on one ride, the Cyber Party. It was no Dreamworld experience, but it was four minutes of solid fun.

We saw the 15-minute fireworks display... which had potential for disaster when the coordinating music started with a Nickelback song, but it quickly segued to Michael Bolton -- not much better, but slightly less gag-inducing. Only slightly.

We also caught the first act of the High School Battle of the Bands -- Woot! Hans had a shocking realization of what it must have been like for people to witness his early musical career, and he apologizes.

Saturday we went to a fun little wedding. Got a chance to brush off our dancing shoes, as they played a lot of swing music.

And yesterday we played Lego Star Wars and finished watching Season 3 of Arrested Development. There is now nothing left to live for.

More Advanced Passes
We have another advanced screening ticket for this week to see Catch a Fire. All I know about it is what is printed on the ticket, but considering my South African connections, I'm anxious to see it.


Oct 30 2006, 08:43 am

Agreed. There is no reason to live now that Gob is gone.

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