Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Non-Events of This Week
- Lots of nothing

- Lots of shows to catch up on / get addicted to including Project Runway, the new Veronica Mars (woot), Heroes, The Nine (why do they keep calling Audrey "Kathryn"?), and we got the Jane & the Dragon DVD.

- Had a bit of a heavy heart but it's good. It's a challenging and growing time for me (and others).

- Hitched a ride to Ikea to spend some wedding money that's been burning a hole in our bank account. Got the stools I wanted for the kitchen. (We spend so much time in there. Even if only one person is cooking, the other is usually nearby. So these can fold up when not being perched upon.) And then we got a bunch of other little things that were impulse buys.

- Tomorrow we get to go to an advance screening of Children of Men. I don't know much about it and prefer to keep it that way for now, but I was surprised to see that it doesn't come out in the States until Christmas. Strange. It's usually us who are lagging behind in that department.

- and I made pancakes yesterday for my husband even though I claim to hate them. (I really just don't like maple syrup, and so anything associated with it tends to share my wrath.) They aren't so bad with butter and brown sugar.

- that's about it really... but my memory stick in my camera is full, so I'm bound to have some pictures to post soon.


Oct 09 2006, 08:04 pm

mmm, pancakes w/butter and brown sugar! that sounds really good! i'll have to try it... :)

you are being thought of often...just so you know! *hugs across the miles*


8:14 PM  

Oct 10 2006, 08:46 am

Yet another reason we could be the same person-I hate maple syrup too! I learned lemon and sugar from the Aussies, so that is how I eat mine. Yum, yum!

8:15 PM  

Oct 10 2006, 11:33 am

Hey Danielle, completely random, and you may already know, but Mute Math is itunes "free download single of the week." Pretty cool!

8:15 PM  

Oct 11 2006, 12:56 am

Aimee -- Yeah, I've gotten a couple emails from people about that. Hehe. I'm pretty proud of them!

Mari -- mmm... now the lemon thing I had not heard yet. I'll have to give that a whirl!

Allison -- *hugs* I'm so anxious to get back to the states, because Hans NEEDS to know about Mama's. Maybe I'll be able to persuade you two to come back for a weekend to meet us there. :D

8:15 PM  

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