Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Consider it Recommended
Someone I know said, "I don't really call myself a fan of sci-fi, but I like movies that are set in the future."

I tend to agree. I'm willing to work with you when it comes to futuristic themes, but if you start throwing blue martians at me, you're at risk of losing me. I think this explains my love for Firefly, and it may also be why I thought Children of Men was so great.

I don't want to give away a speck of the plot, but everything about it was just right for me. It was real enough for me to believe it. There was enough seriousness to keep me involved. There was enough comic relief to get me through the stressful points. (Though some moments of laughter were what I call Inappropriate Quentin Tarantino Laughter, where it's not actually funny, but you can't help but laugh.) And the CG moments were good enough so that I didn't have to listen to Hans complain about them the whole rest of the night.

It comes out here in three weeks, and I'd be tempted to go again... and might be persuaded to buy the DVD.

Spring Has Sprung
We pass a ton of these bushes on the way to the train in the morning. Today I managed to snap a picture even though we were running late. I don't know what they're called, but they're native Australian plants.

Test your geographic skills with these GeoQuiz Games. I attemped 25 USA Cities, State Capitals, and 25 Australiasian Cities before I started taking note of my scores. For South American Countries, I got 68% in 1:39.3. (via Web-Goddess)


Oct 11 2006, 09:57 pm

Bottle brush plant.
We used to have them in my front yard and I just saw them for sale at Flea World this weekend.
They are SO cool.

Glad you're enjoying the scenery!!

8:14 PM  

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