Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend Recap
* Went on a date this afternoon to see Lady in the Water, which I really enjoyed, save for the heart attack I had at that one point.

* Sister-in-law took some decent Ikea cupboards out of the kitchen of their new house and gave them to us since we have no storage whatsoever. Hung two in the kitchen nook yesterday and put one on top of a dresser. Oh the joy of filling them up with our clutter!

* Went to the markets yesterday morning despite the rain. Got lots more veggies. Hans also bought me some pretty flowers, because having flowers in the house makes me feel happy.


I don't remember what they are, but I think they're gorgeous. Plus there are a bunch of buds that I hope will bloom over the next week or two.

At the market, we were meeting his folks for coffee, so Hans staked a claim on a table while I went to find them. This table happened to be across from a booth where a gentleman was doing caricatures. About halfway through our coffee, the man's wife brought a picture over to our table and said that it was a freebie. Hans was pretty embarrassed, but I think it's adorable.

* Speaking of adorable, I got breakfast in bed this morning. It was food-magazine-cover worthy with a slice of wholegrain toast stacked with fluffy scrambled eggs, two slices of crisp bacon and two fresh spinach leaves. The on the side were baked beans (an Aussie breakfast tradition) and some sauteed mushrooms. He opened the doors to the veranda, and we sat in bed listening to the birds and eating our brekkie. It was lovely.


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