Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Someone Steal This Idea
While I take lots of photos, I don't necessarily consider myself to be a "photographer". But if I were, I would want to do a collection of photos of hardened, "scary looking" men with their perfectly petite little daughters.

Last night I was coming out of a restroom, and waiting in the hallway was this bouncy little blonde dressed head-to-toe in pink holding on to the finger of a suntanned, pierced, tattoed man with sunglasses and a mohawk. And the way he talked to her, you could tell that the little pixie had that tough guy completely enamored. It was a really sweet moment.

Indexed. (via Joshua)

What the...
My mom just sent me this conversion chart from US Standard to Australian Measurements. Maybe this is my problem. Actually, my real problem is that I can't remember if I brought my measuring cups/spoons from home or if I bought these here. I'm pretty sure they were mine. How can a CUP not be a CUP?? Who decides these things? I'm writing a letter!

And Just for Fun
Take a Whiff... dont' ask me how I find these things.


Oct 02 2006, 09:07 pm

I think Jay and the girls would be good candidates for your photo shoot. You should see him after his week of work, school and the band. Most often it's not pretty and the girls don't know any better. Makes the family trip to walmart seem okay.
A depooper.

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