Thursday, September 21, 2006

One Year in Australia: The Facts
  • I arrived in Brisbane on September 21, 2005.

  • I've resided on the North side and the Southwest side.

  • I've spent 15 days in New Zealand.

  • jkhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • That last entry was from my inherited cat Chucky trying to walk across my lap.

  • I ride a train into the city about four times a week. (My only prior public transport experience was on the Metro in Washington D.C. back in 1994.)

  • While I hate talking on the phone, in the last year I have gotten less than 20 phonecalls from someone other than my husband. Three of those were from people in the States.

  • Most curious people ask if I am from Canada instead of the States.

  • I see kangaroos at least three days a week, but I have only seen one koala in the wild.

  • I have learned to love Thai food to an almost scary degree. Red curry, yellow curry, green curry. Mmm.

  • I'm MARRIED.

  • My man and I can swing dance.

  • Some days I have to remind my self to "think".... instead of "reckon".

  • I've learned that culture shock is very real and very sucky.

  • I still haven't been to Tiger Island, to my dismay.

  • I cry less now, but I still get incredibly homesick.

  • I had better intentions for sending packages back to the States than actually happened. Instead I keep adding presents to a gigantic box that is going to have to be sent eventually.

  • My first stops when I get back to Iowa will be: see my family, go to my chiropractor, and then Pizza Ranch.

  • My goal for this next year is to learn to be able to eyeball things in metric.

  • I've made some really nice friends, and I even like my in-laws.

  • I'm anxious to go back to the States, but I am really starting to like it here.


Sep 21 2006, 04:30 am

i promise to take you to tiger island soon...sorry...heheh

12:43 PM  

Sep 21 2006, 08:28 am

are we after pizza ranch????

12:43 PM  

Sep 22 2006, 10:20 am

I love reading your blog! I went to OZ as an exchange student in 1994 and stayed for a year. Reading about your "discoveries" brings me back to that time. I would LOVE to be living there now too. Unfortunately (yet very fortunately) I am already married, so I will have to seek an alternative method!
If you ever want an ear from someone who kind of knows what you're going through, just let me know!

12:43 PM  

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