Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My, My, What Have We Here?
Check out the hot couple in the "Weddings" section of this amazing photographer's site. :)

American Treatsies
The box from my mom came yesterday. Wheee. We're both wearing our shiny new Threadless tees today. We also got some OCPs, Wheat Thins, a can of black beans (black gold to me) and some Almond Joys for Hans.

Incidentally, we're coming up on my one-year-in-Australia anniversary. It's a week from tomorrow. Weird.

Jane in America!
I also thought I'd let you know that the animated show I mentioned earlier, Jane and the Dragon, just started airing in the States last weekend on NBC. I think it's around noonish on Saturdays. (Just after Veggietales.) So you all can enjoy my latest happiness... especially those of you who live with my goddaughter. *Ahem* (You can tell Rachel that Jane looks just like Aunt Danielle.)


Sep 13 2006, 02:41 pm

well, since we're already DVR'ing the shows immediately before and after it (veggie tales and 321 penguins) I suppose we can add that one in. I'll just tell her it's Aunt Danielles show.

1:10 PM  

Sep 13 2006, 02:42 pm

I just added it. But it's just called "Dragons" here, I hope it's the same show.

1:10 PM  

Sep 13 2006, 05:19 pm

There's one called Dragon, but I think that's claymation. Jane should be on after Babar, which is after 321 Penguins according to the site.

1:11 PM  

Sep 14 2006, 02:01 pm

got it now. for some reason it's airing on Sundays here. Gotta love DVR!

1:11 PM  

Sep 15 2006, 03:13 am


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