Wednesday, August 30, 2006

On the Couch: Day 6
I'm pretty much ready to feel better. Only one more dose of these hellish Australian antibiotics left, so hopefully by Friday I won't hate life so much.

Computer Coolness
Making me less miserable is playing with the new computer. It's purty. The only problem is that the old laptop had the most ridiculous arrangement for the Control, Alt, & Delete keys. However, I got used to them, and now the Function key is where the Control key should be, so I am having to readjust.

As suspected, my friendly credit card company, always having my back, shut off my card to make sure that this out-of-the-ordinary purchase was, indeed, mine. While my mother was able to confirm my wedding dress purchase, for some reason they needed to speak to me this time. Doesn't do me a lot of good when I can't call 800 numbers from here. Then they gave my mom a local number and told me to call collect. Mmm, yeah, can't do that from here either. Finally, I just told my mom (who I'd been talking to on IM during all of these conversations) to tell them to call ME. Sheesh. Ended up being pretty easy after that.

Blast from the Past
Lone Prairie Blog: Back again after I thought she quit

Unconscious Mutterings
1. Visit :: Homesick
2. Cake :: Yucky
3. Period :: PMS
4. Triumphant :: Don Juan
5. Screen :: Name
6. Neglect :: Abandon
7. Guitar :: Center
8. Loathe :: Hatred
9. Sugar :: Popsugar
10. Montage :: Editing

Mom is sending me a box soon with my new purse from World Market, our Threadless shirts (including my Kitty Cat one), and hopefully some Oatmeal Cream Pies and some Wheat Thins for Laydes. Wheee!


Aug 30 2006, 12:50 am

hard out! i thought that unconscious mutterings was long gone! your mom is the coolest. i'm so jealous of your wheat Thins and OCP's!!!!!!

2:36 PM  

Aug 30 2006, 12:54 am

I'll save you some. And what the crap is up with that post anyway? Somehow the follow-up post didn't help me in the slightest. Get on IM, you Co-President of the Company! ;)

2:36 PM  

Aug 30 2006, 09:15 am

When you take Australian antibiotics, do you have to stand on your head?

We just discovered a new World Market near our house, so visited there the other day. I like all the funky Oriental candy with obscure illegible names. I'd never eat it, but it's fun to guess what horrible sea creature or exotic fungus it's made out of...

2:37 PM  

Aug 30 2006, 08:09 pm

hahaha you're hilarious.

2:37 PM  

Sep 09 2006, 02:36 am

Hey there, a friend of mine thought i might enjoy your blog as she said you're an american recently moved to australia and i'm an american recently moved to new zealand (not sure she knows of the friendly rivalry). but as i read your story about the mess of reaching US companies by phone and 800 numbers, i did totally relate. i've found a way to call through the computer called
its free at first and then really cheap after that and makes calling the states a lot less more counting the minutes i wait on hold, ya know. best wishes with the wedding!

2:38 PM  

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