Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lest We Not Forget I'm in a Foreign Country
Yesterday I had to deal with a new bug altogether. I was happily sitting down at the table to work on the laptop, when it came around from behind. As I beckoned Hans to come get rid of it, I went to find my camera. The little bugger moved too fast to get a good picture, but you can get the idea. It was kind of cute (for a bug that's nearly two inches long) and very bright orange. However, I believe those round bulbs on the antennae were egg sacs, and we're about to be infested. Yes, paranoia is my friend.

In Other News: I Can't READ
Ugh. Waterproof and Waterbased. Yeah, not the same thing. I kick myself because I looked at hundreds of bottles of glue, and I picked up the wrong DANG one in the end.

Quote of the Day
"I'm just going to work on the computer since there isn't anything on tv this afternoon anyw.... wait a minute. Xanadu is on at noon!"

Heck yes, I watched it. I even sang along... and at one point, we may have broken out into dance. I don't think I've seen that film since I was seven-years-old at JaymilFranken's house. Good times.

Mi Space Es Su Space
I also made a new layout for my myspace thanks to the hints I found at Lifehacker.


Aug 20 2006, 05:43 pm

oh my gosh - i am in love wiht your new myspace.

2:44 PM  

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