Sunday, August 13, 2006

Beautiful Bic
I was first exposed to her voice on October 10, 2004 on the roadtrip from Indianapolis to Nashville with Tash. Last night I saw her live. It was amazing.

She could not possibly be any cuter. Cute as a button. Her performance was flawless. Delicate perfection. Incredible.

We had such great seats. Unfortunately, I happened to have the dead camera batteries instead of the charged camera batteries. But Hans took a pic with his phone... which leaves so much to be desired... but still.

I've been playing Birds around the house a lot lately, so Hans knew a lot of the songs as well. It was pretty hot seeing him enjoy himself too. My favourite song was "She Left on a Monday", and his was "Blue Blue Heart". But really, it was hard to pick a favourite. She's just amazing. Yay!

Not So Yay
We got home and Hans went up the stairs to unlock the door ahead of me. He said that there was "some sort of mess" by the door. So I went back down the stairs and bounced around to trigger the motion light. Turns out that our dear sweet Chucky had a little snack in the shape of a dove and left all the feathers and chewy bits on the doorstep for us. (I'm totally gagging as I type.)

That filthy feline is no longer welcome on my couch or bed. And I secretly think he was plotting against us. I know he was secretly thinking, "This will teach those bitches to leave the house without filling my bowl."

I have a picture of the mayhem (once I changed my batteries), but I'll spare you.

A Conversation
Me: Instead of buying [the movie] yourself, you could save it for Christmas ideas. And since you have your birthday right there too, it's like -- Bam! Bam! -- with the gift-giving.
Him: Well your birthday is right there as well. Except it's more like: B-Bam!

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Aug 14 2006, 02:32 am

well now i'm very glad that youhave finally had the privilege of seeing the lovely miss bic in live and delightful concert - she's sure something huh.

2:45 PM  

Aug 18 2006, 09:02 pm

you haven't been updating very much lately. and, I think we have similar taste when it comes to links/amusing websites.

2:45 PM  

Aug 20 2006, 04:03 am

I know, I'm so lame. I've started a dozen posts but haven't gone back to finish anything.

That and the internet has bored me to tears in the last couple of weeks. Well, that and I've been doing some more overhauling on the backend of a site I maintain.

I'll try to do better. :)

2:45 PM  

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