Friday, July 14, 2006

Quote of the Day
"It's no wonder you have needle anxiety; your veins are horrid. It's shocking."
-- my nurse today

My Mantra
I'll be okay.
It's worth it.
I'll be okay.
It's worth it.

Hans came along to hold my hand. I survived.


Jul 14 2006, 08:06 pm


It's been great keeping up with your move -- yours is truly a blog, much better than this boring political stuff her ein Franklin.

Stick with it - it's neat coming upon crossroads that take you to new decisions.

As far as Franklin, the more things change, the more they stay the same ... not much new here.

BTW, I'm guessing they don't have Cracker Barrel in Austrailia - ha! kidding.

9:19 PM  

Jul 15 2006, 02:47 am

Aww thanks. I still stop by yours regularly to get the political goss down there. (Up there?)

Ugh, no... no Cracker Barrel, but we were just thinking about them the other day. I also made chilli soup for my in-laws... their first time ever. I thought a good bowl of chilli in winter was universal. Guess not!

9:20 PM  

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