Monday, July 03, 2006

It's Like Cinco de Mayo
So we've got the 4th of July celebration all planned for tomorrow. For the in-laws, it's just a chance to eat lots of food together. For me, it's... well... just a chance to eat a lot of food.

This is my menu:
- American-style hot dogs / buns
- Heinz ketchup (not tomato sauce like everyone uses here) & American yellow mustard
- Carrots/cucumbers/wheat thins & dip
- Lime jello with pears
- Watermelon (which I hate, but I know is a big 4th of July staple)
- Rice Krispie bars
- Kool-aid Lemonade (thanks, Manda)
- Coronas with lime

More Wedding Pics
I know I'm stretching this out painfully long, but it's difficult deciding which ones to post. Todd gave us a disk with over 350 pictures on it, not counting Alyda's disk.

Plus I just had a bridal shower last weekend, so it's like the wedding celebration that never ends!


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